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Regional/ german-polnisch/ international


First and foremost, cultural youth work at Bröllin Castle is aimed at young people from the region. Due to the geographic structure of the county, such offers are low and not available to all young people. Through the spatial proximity of artistic projects and youth work inspiration can take place, the own experience horizon can be expanded. In addition, the young people, through the spatial circumstances of the castle, have the opportunity to be seen on the stage and thus to experience, to overcome their own boundaries. The young people are encouraged to discover their own strengths and strengths.

The as-if situation of the theater, as a part of the offers, gives them the opportunity to slip into dreamed and feared roles, to live through them, to try and orient themselves in the game. Together with the young people, the group is looking for the content and type of the presentation, the statements and objectives of the group.

The German-Polish projects are intended to contribute to regional self-awareness as a border region. Even if the status of an "EU external border region" has changed with the inclusion of Poland into the EU, there will be both cultural and material differences for the foreseeable future. It is the goal of the German-Polish projects to make these aware of the future generation and to give it the opportunity to oppose the "other" in a non-arrogant but tolerant and curious way.


The international projects involving several EU and non-EU countries are intended to create the conditions for "horizon extensions" and the relativization of existing clichés. These ideas are relativized by a

joint project in Bröllin. Compared to newly built meeting rooms or reconstructed meeting places, Bröllin Castle is more of an "alternative nature". Our experience in past projects has shown that often the unfinished and the unaccustomed also stimulates the imagination and animates them to activities and their own ideas.



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