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International Research Center for Interdisciplinary Art


A field of ideas, a field of experimentation, a production yard, and a UFO landing field with a wide production space for experimental forms, theoretical discourses, flying beds, speaking trees and singing walls.

The castle bröllin e. V. is networked around the world and regularly conducts thematic interdisciplinary test labs, studies, symposia and appraisals. We have information and experience, a collection of the work of many colleagues from regional to university, which has been made available in the past 24 years. Anyone who wants to research Bröllin Castle for their own project is supported.

Open, differently usable rooms and open spaces for workshops, seminars & meetings, art projects, holiday opportunities, communicative & creative meetings and other innovative formats!


Office space with modern communication equipment

a conference room in the office area with access to the park

Studios, rehearsals and meeting rooms or open spaces

(for long-term guests) Accommodation possibilities in the manor house