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Studiogebäude und deutsch-polnisches Zentrum

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Studio I

Top floor with gable roof: 24,80 x  16,60 m,
Stage: depth 18 m x width 6 m (108m²) 
Minimum hight from stage von Bühne the lowest rafter 4,30 m, to the roof: 6,52 m
Dance floor, black dance carpet, hanging racks for light and sound in the area of the stage. Technikplan

Studio II

Plain vault with 6 columns (Ø je 20 cm) width 9,50 m, depth 16 m
Stage: width 9,10 m, depth 14 m  (127 m²)
Height of upper platform edge to lower edge of dome 2,70 m
Height of platform top edge to top edge dome3,70 m
Wooden sprung floor, studio can be darken.

Studio III

Width 9.70 m, depth 13 m, height of upper platform up to truss 4.76 m,
Trusses for light and sound (hanging grid), lighting and sound engineering, wooden floor, black dance carpet, studio can be darken, 80 seats.


For large-scale productions, artistic skills, street theater and other crazy people.
Flat gabled roof, 8 supporting beams, width 21,50 m, depth 36,20 m, height gable 10 m, height of rafter center 7,94 m, outside 4,25 m. Hanging possibilities for vertical actions, stone floor, trusses for light and sound, can be darkened. (not heatable) 

Work at the German-Polish Center (new building in 2006)
In the German-Polish meeting center we offer modern and functional equipped rooms with standard technology such as beamer, flipchart, overhead projector and screen. Tables, chairs and wardrobe stands are available upon request. Plan

Meeting point

Multi-purpose room Width 8.20 m, depth 15.50 m (127 m²), height 3 m, Space capacity 30 - 120 people. Parquet flooring, large windows, Light and sound on tripods possible, Internet via LAN, can not be blacked out.

Large seminar room
Singing, speaking, meeting Width 9 m, depth 13,50 m (121 m²), height 3 m, Space capacity 30 - 120 people. Plenty of daylight, parquet floor, acoustic ceiling. Light and sound on tripods possible, Internet by LAN, blackout possible.
Highlight: Flügel Carl Mand 1918, restoration 2018.

Small seminar room
For small groups and media artists Width 7 m, depth 6,5 m (45,5 m²), height 3 m, Space for up to 40 people. Parquet floor, Light and sound on tripods possible, Internet via LAN, blackout possible